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Danh Khoi with the ambition of “10 years with one”

According to many experts, the real estate market is entering a new cycle: facing difficulties, purifying and appearing new “names”. Looking back at the market every year, it shows that the above statement completely depends on the rule of “10 years”. “Difficulty is also an opportunity” for businesses with their own strategies and potentials to take advantage of opportunities like a series of successful businesses in the market recently.
All are ready

With a cycle from 2010 to 2020, such as Novaland, Dat Xanh, Hung Thinh, FLC, Sunshine … And if you consider the Covid-19 pandemic as the start of a new cycle of the real estate market, what The most prominent name for this start-up is the Danh Khoi Group. While many real estate businesses are still struggling to find ways to return to the market after the Covid-19 pandemic, Danh Khoi, a distribution company based in Ho Chi Minh City, is making a strong impression on the Continuing to publish a series of information about M&A deals on the media.

Some deals can be mentioned as: Acquisition of 100% capital from Sun Frontier Investment Company Limited to officially become the investor of Sun Frontier project; Acquisition of Danang Hotel And Resort Da Nang project with an area of ​​7.5 hectares from Hanoi Non Nuoc Tourism Investment Joint Stock Company; Acquired 3 plots of “golden” land with an area of ​​more than 11,000 m2 in Con Tan Lap residential area, Nha Trang city, Khanh Hoa.

Talking about the reasons for the M&A of these projects, Mr. Nguyen Quoc Bao, Deputy General Director of Danh Khoi Group, said that M&A is the shortest way for business owners to accelerate the development of clean land fund, and implement projects. judgment. Through M&A deals, businesses will save a lot of time in completing legal procedures, as well as solving compensation and site clearance issues. M & A projects are friendly, not only help businesses shorten procedures, but in fact, this story also brings “win – win” for all parties, as well as to the market. Although the value of these deals is not officially announced, but according to real estate business, with the prime location of the projects, Danh Khoi has to spend thousands of billions of dong to be able to return. become the boss.

This strategy of Danh Khoi immediately attracted attention from the market, investors and observers. Project M&A is a strategy to help many businesses grow in breakthroughs. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when Danh Khoi chooses this strategy to change his role from a distribution business to an investor in the real estate sector. However, the problem posed and the observers could not help but ask the question: Where is the financial potential that Danh Khoi can buy so many projects? In fact, Danh Khoi is not an unfamiliar name in the real estate market.

Born in 2006, Danh Khoi is now one of the leading real estate distributors in Vietnam. According to the introduction of this unit, Danh Khoi currently has 10 subsidiaries and associates, providing services and investing in real estate with thousands of employees.

In addition, Danh Khoi also has relationships with many other real estate companies with a charter capital of thousands of billion VND. For example, D&D Engineering Construction Joint Stock Company; Danh Khoi Holdings Investment Joint Stock Company, Phu My Infrastructure Construction Company Limited; VHR Investment Joint Stock Company.
Post-M&A solution

In terms of financial potential, it is clear that Danh Khoi is not a dream man. However, according to many financial experts, in fact, in real estate projects M&A strategies, it is not that the business must have fresh money or not, but the ability to manage cash flow and development capacity. project. If an investor does not have project development capacity, an M&A strategy will be difficult to implement.

In the field of real estate, if the project cannot be exploited by M&A to produce finished products for sale, this advantage will turn into a burden of inventory and capital burial. This is a huge potential risk for businesses. Observations of Danh Khoi’s projects show that they seem to have prepared situations in advance to avoid this risk. For example, buying a project capable of implementing and selling products right away like Danh Khoi’s has helped the Group save hundreds of billions of dong compared to developing from the beginning of a similar project.

Sau khi mua lại khu đất vàng ở Đà Nẵng, Danh Khôi đang phát triển thành dự án The Royal

In fact, all three projects that Danh Khoi bought have been completed in terms of procedures, ready for deployment and sales. Even Sun Frontier Project (new name is The Royal – Boutique & Condo Da Nang) has enough business conditions to bring to the market. Not only the Sun Frontier project, with the Da Nang Hotel And Resort Da Nang project, after the acquisition, Danh Khoi Group is under construction under the name of a new project called Aria Da Nang Hotel & Resort (Aria Danang ).
With Con Tan Lap residential area, Danh Khoi Group is turning this golden land into a high-class project called The Aston Luxury Residence Nha Trang and is completing procedures to bring it to the market.

Not only having a legal advantage, with a system of 10 members and 1,000 employees with experience in distributing many successful projects, Danh Khoi holds 2 keys of success in hand. Assessing the M&A strategy of many real estate businesses, including Danh Khoi, Mr. Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association, said that the real estate market recently has had a good transition. between non-professional businesses to professional businesses. This transfer is extremely necessary, increasing market liquidity, helping to reduce inventories and restore market confidence.

“If there are no really professional businesses, there will be no urban areas, projects will be sprouted up methodically and synchronously”, Mr. Chau said and cited, many years ago, in the urban areas. large, many projects have been “blanket” for years, but thanks to the transfer in the market has turned the projects “blanket” into modern residential areas.

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